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Unity iOS and Android Now Free for Small and Independent Game Developers

May 21, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve got some amazing news for you if you’re a small or independent game developer! Unity has now dropped the price of their basic iOS and Android licenses to FREE as of today! These licenses used to cost almost $400 a piece!

This is a huge deal for small and independent game developers around the world looking to get their games onto over 1 billion mobile devices.

To get access to be able to publish to iOS, Android, just download and install the latest version of Unity.  Unity also states that Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 deployment available in the coming months so stay tuned!

If you’re new to Unity and looking to get up to speed quickly, I’d recommend you check out Anyone Can Learn to make a Game on In less then 5 hours you’ll have all the basics you need to start making games with Unity. With over 2000 students enrolled and over 60 reviews, you can’t go wrong.


Learn C# for Unity 3D

April 17, 2013 Leave a comment


New to Unity 3D and wanting to use C# as your primary language? I can help! Check out my new 15 part Free video series on Youtube.

In this video series I’ll cover:

Unity3D C# Variables
Unity3D C# Functions
Unity3D C# Loops
Unity3D C# Enums
Unity3D C# Debug.Log
Unity3D C# Arithmetic
Unity3D C# Classes
Unity3D C# Random
Unity3D C# Update Awake and Start
Unity3D C# Coroutines
Unity3D C# Comments
Unity3D C# Conditionals
Unity3D C# Switch Statements
Unity3D C# Semicolons
Unity3D C# Foreach

Check it out!

Unity for Flash Developers – Tutorial 1

January 14, 2009 9 comments

The first tutorial for “Unity for Flash Developers” is done.

Since this is my first video podcast ever, I think it turned out pretty decent. This  tutorial covers some of the similarities and differences between Unity3d and Flash and designed to give Flash developers a heads up on getting started with Unity3d.

Note: If the video does not play in IE you can try playing it right from Vimeo here.

Here are the links from the Unity site about learning how to move around and the Unity IDE.

In the next tutorial we will have a look at how to start adding some code to our game objects to get things moving.

Have fun and stay tuned for more.

Click here for Tutorial 2


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I had such a great response from the Unity for Flash Developers video series that I created a brand new Unity course called Anyone Can Learn to Make a Game, which is completely updated to Unity 4!  The new series includes over  5 hours of content, 70 High definition video tutorials and complete source code you can download and try out.

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