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Learning Samurai – How to Kick @$$ in School!

May 29, 2013 Leave a comment

I just launched my brand new course this week called Learning Samurai – How to Kick @$$ in School!

The new course is aimed at University and College students who may be struggling in school or who simply want to learn to become a better learner.

I created this course because in my first year university, I almost flunked out before learning about one of the most incredible oversights in modern education.

The majority of modern education has consisted of telling students what to learn, but has spent almost no time at all teaching students how to learn.

Think about it, how many classes did you take in the past decade or so that taught the actual process of how to learn effectively?

I thought it was a real waste that every year thousands and thousands of students entering into higher education will drop out, not because the don’t have the potential, but because they were just like me, and were never taught how to learn properly.

I created this course to close the gap, so that any student taking this course can benefit from my experience and begin to master the skills and techniques for effective learning.

I’m giving away 100 free passes. Grab one while you can at

Check out Learning Samurai – How to Kick @$$ in School!  on Youtube today!


Learning to Learn – My new Course on Udemy!

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Regardless of your age or background, the critical skill of the 21st century will be the ability to rapidly learn new things. While you may have spent a lot of time in school learning “what to learn”, you probably didn’t spend a lot of time learning “how to learn”. This practical hands-on course is designed to equip you with fun and effective ways to improve your ability to learn just about anything! In addition to providing information on how to supercharge your memory, you’ll be exposed to a growing list of fantastic learning resources and exciting learning destinations.  We’ll be covering things like learning to code, learning to speak another language, learning to read faster and even learn how to create a video game in the process! This course is for anyone and everyone interested enriching their life and becoming a better learner.

You can check out the my course here

Check out my Learning to Learn video on Youtube.