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Unity 4

Unity 4 has dropped. Here are 7 reasons to consider using Unity 4 on your next game.

1. Unity 4 is Free, well at least if you plan to publish to Mac, Linux, PC or the Web. If you plan on going to places like Android, iOS or other platforms, you’ll need to come up with a bit of cash, but trust me, it’s worth every penny!

2. Unity for easy easy to learn. You can learn the basics of using Unity in a weekend, maybe less if you make use of some of the great training you can find online and on placed like Udemy. The editor very intuitive and very powerful and you have over 3 different languages you can choose to program in.

3. Unity 4 has a fantastic development community. You won’t find a more friendly and generous development group out there! Community members are always willing to help and point you in the right direction regardless of your current skill level.

4. Unity 4’s Asset Store. In addition to great tools and a great community, Unity also has a fantastic asset store where developers can upload their products and make money, and developers can access killer assets and tools a very reasonable costs and even for free in many cases.

5. Unity’s spirit of innovation and craftsmanship. I have never encountered a technology company so keen on fixing bugs, ensuring compatibility and continually  pushing thing to the edge as Unity…without being asked.

6. Customer service. Over the 3 years I’ve been developing with Unity I’ve been very pleased with their customer service. I’ve always had prompt follow up and been treated with respect regardless of the fact I’m a single developer.

7. Fun. Yes, Unity 4 is just plain fun to work with. You have an idea and a few minutes later there it is, working right in front of your eyes. I get to spend more time working on my games and less time getting tripped up on technology.

So if you have a game project coming up, I recommend you have a look at Unity 4, it may just be what the doctor ordered!

Game on!




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