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Christmas came early! Unity iPhone 1.5 ships!

Can’t even begin to describe how excited I am that Unity 1.5 is hot off the press. We’ve been waiting all summer for this and now it’s here. Lot’s of improvements and new additions including:

Significant Performance Boosts
* Up to 3x faster than 1.0.3.
* Performance critical paths rewritten to take advantage of VFP coprocessor, animation skinning is up to 4x faster.
* Automatic batching of meshes to reduce draw calls.

Built-in Anti-piracy Protection
* Identify if Apple DRM was removed from the application bundle and modify application behaviour accordingly.

More Power
* Full support for native Objective C and C++ code opens full access to the iPhone 3.x APIs and custom plugins.
* Access to video-playback, on screen keyboard support, and GPS/location services.
* Support for 8-texture shading on iPhone 3GS with automatic fallbacks for iPhone 3G.

Better Docs
* Detailed instructions on iphone-specific optimizations.
* New 150 page tutorial to get you up to speed with iPhone game making.

We are particularly excited about the Objective-c and C++ bridge as we’ll now be able to tap the entire raw SDK and team it up with the full power of Unity. The only limit is our own imagination now!

For all the details check out http://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/iphone-1.5

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