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Have a new iPhone / iTouch? Get a Case!

I just bought a new iPhone 3GS a few weeks ago, and I didn’t grab a case for it right away because to be honest, none of the cases in the store really blew my hair back.

Well after dropping my new baby about 3 times on the concrete and getting getting off easy with only a little scratch I quickly re-evaluated my priorities. I thought it might really be a good idea to protect my $700+ investment before it’s too late.

I also have an iPod Touch at home for the kids, and if you’re a parent, you’ll want to protect this too. Surprisingly it’s kind of hard to find cool cases for kids, so maybe some budding designers out there will remedy this situation. I kinda thought this Julius case was not bad though.

For my iPhone I ended up going with a Roots leather case with a belt clip, which has worked out pretty good so for and cost about $20. Even if all you do is get one of the jelly cases, this is better than nothing and offers some level of protection from being dropped.

On the extreme end of things I found these online, and they might be worth a look.

OtterBox for iPod Touch


OtterBox for iPhone

So if you don’t have a case yet, get one asap, before it’s too late.

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