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Tales From The Frontline – Making the time to work out

Since, I was on vacation for the past 9 days, I must admit, I let my fitness regime slide a bit. Easy to fall off the wagon, but easy to get back on, if you don’t leave it to long.

I also admit that in the past, when things were really busy, which was pretty much all the time, working out got demoted to a pretty low priority. The problem with this thinking is that when you’re running a business, especially a high tech start-up like ours, there won’t ever be any time unless you make it.

So earlier this summer my business partner Mike and I decided that we’d start getting up around 6:30 and meet before work to workout. The first week was a bit of a challenge, but I’ve got two young kids at home, so I was a little easier for me to wake up early than it was for Mike.

I actually really enjoy getting up earlier now because in addition to ensuring I get some exercise in, I also find I have more time to prepare for my day and get organized before business hours start. It’s also strangely quite at this hour, which doesn’t happen to often when you have 2 kids in your house.

We usually workout for about 45 minutes to an hour and we try and switch things up between the weight room and cardio activities like walking and biking.

Being a programmer, I’m working on some pretty “rocket science” type stuff a lot of the time and I definitely feel the extra shot of energy and brainpower a morning workout gives me. There is actually a lot of research showing exercise boots brain power.

Mike is a avid snowboarder, so he’s working on getting in shape for the upcoming ski season. I’m interested a bit more in strength training right now since I get quite a bit of cardio hiking and walking around the North Shore. I also avoid driving whenever possible and try and do things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

If you’re in the same boat that we were, try waking up a little earlier and starting off your day with your workout, I think you’ll find it makes a huge difference!

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