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Ethical Games, More than just a Name.

Many of you may be curious as to how I arrived at the the name for the blog, or for my company for that matter, so here is the short story.

While I’m in the business of making games, you may be surprised to know that I’m not a hardcore gamer. In fact most of the top games currently out don’t hold any interest to me at all. I’ve never really been into shoot em ups and I really dislike the level of violence and questionable content that has crept into many of the top games. To me a game like Little Big Planet is far more interesting than Halo.

With the birth of my first child, my view of the world was turned upside down. I began to question the status quo on just about everything. I began looking for content, games and toys that I felt were worthwhile for my child and was shocked to see how little there really was out there that really measured up.

I decided that when I formed my new company that I wanted to focus my time and resources on things I considered worthwhile. I didn’t want this to be just a job, I wanted it to mean something. I wanted to have a say in the types of projects I would and would not take on. I wanted to feel good about the projects I took on and feel like in some small way I was making a difference.

My friend and I came up with the name Ethical Entertainment one day, and it just clicked. Some people would see these two words as mutually exclusive. I think a lot of the time, ethics get cast aside in the world of main stream entertainment, but I don’t believe this has to be the case. I think ethics and entertainment can co-exist, but it’s definitely the path less travelled.

To me ethics is about doing what you feel is right and not compromising values and beliefs for money. It’s about having standards and continuously working to improve them.

The way I look at things is this. When I create something, I have a choice. I can create something beautiful or horrible, I can create something violent or try to inspire peace. I can place toys into my worlds or guns and knives. I feel responsible for what I produce and what I choose to create. Ultimately I feel we all have a choice. Complacency is a choice too and one I feel is made far to often.

To me, this blog is about harnessing technology, creativity and craftsmanship to build something positive, worthwhile and yes…fun. It’s about sharing and inspiring the community. It’s about breaking free from the status quo and coming up with new ways of thinking about games.

I’m really excited and optimistic about the future of games and how they are changing and if you are too, I think you really enjoy visiting the Ethical Games blog.

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  1. February 26, 2009 at 2:47 am

    thanks for the insight… and the tutorials ^_^

  2. Matro
    March 24, 2009 at 5:53 am

    I just went through all of your current tutorials and they were great. Thank you I sure hope you keep making them.

    On another note I agree with you.

  3. Andres
    July 7, 2009 at 3:53 am

    Wow, first at all sorry for my bad english, and second thanks for the inspiration, i think if many other people can think like you many changes we’ll see in our little world, please continue in this path and i’ll stay looking for your evolution.

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